1. Finding the Right CEO for Your Company

    Alan Kaplan, CEO and founder of Kaplan Partners, discusses the top CEO attributes to look for during a search.

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  2. Making the Cultural Fit

    Dara Klein, Managing Director at Kaplan Partners, discusses corporations and making the cultural fit.

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  3. Measuring Success In Executive Search

    Bill Borkovitz, Managing Director at Kaplan Partners, discusses Measuring Success in Executive Search.

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C-Level Searches. A+ Results.

It takes movers and shakers to recruit movers and shakers. And for over 20 years, Kaplan Partners has led the charge in identifying and evaluating senior executive talent for the nation’s leading financial institutions, including:

Regional and community banks
Asset management firms
Private equity and venture capital firms
Financial technology firms
Mortgage and insurance companies
Non-bank financial services firms
Credit unions
Corporate financial search

We work directly with CEOs, boards, and investors to identify future leaders, leveraging best practices in corporate governance and succession management to ensure our clients’ continued success in today’s demanding markets.

It’s not just who we know, it’s what we know. And being at the top of our game puts the most desirable candidates at the top of your list.

Explore Our Methodology

Executive Search

Talent counts as much as timing. Leveraging our vast network and proven methodology, we’ll find the candidate you need when you need them most.

Board Search

In partnership with board governance and nominating committees, we develop a customized search strategy to identify, attract, and assess the most highly qualified director candidates.

Management Assessment

Broaden your perspective before making changes to your executive suite. We evaluate current management teams and help you determine who is a rising star.

Succession Advisory

Managing executive leadership changes can pose challenges and unanticipated risks. We advise boards and senior management on the dynamics of succession in order to optimize the transition process, maintain governance best practices, and strengthen morale.

Executive Recruitment Support

You identify the candidates—we manage the rest. We assess, interview, reference, close, and coach, accelerating the recruitment process, adding valuable insights, and freeing up internal resources.

Talent Scout

Plan ahead for strategic hires even before a position is open. We provide a real-time look at the market’s top talent prospects, so you’re ready when the opportunity arises.

“We believe, more than ever, that enduring growth, success and long-term survival in today’s banking and financial industry requires exceptional executive leadership. Our mission is, and always has been, to use our knowledge and expertise to make sure our clients have the ideal leadership to craft a path forward.”

Alan Kaplan

Founder and CEO

We’re Known by the Company we Keep.

The nation’s most trusted associations count us as members. With them, we are at the forefront of our industry, setting the standards for ethics and best practices. They’ve got our back, so we’ve got yours.


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