2021 in Review and What Lies Ahead

2021 was a remarkable year for Kaplan Partners.  Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and the War for talent, our firm achieved a number of milestones:

  • ✔We conducted more CEO/Succession searches than ever before.
  • ✔We placed a record number of Board Members, with over 70% representing diverse talent.
  • ✔We completed Executive Assessments on 21 C-Suite Leaders.
  • ✔The diversity of roles sought included CEO, CFO, President, COO, CMO, CHRO, General Counsel, Chief Information Officer, Head of Wealth Management, Chief of Staff, Head of Payments, and Board Members. 

What Lies Ahead for 2022…

  • The War for Talent will continue, fueled not just by pandemic-driven exits from the workforce but by long-term demographic trends.
  • ✔Wages will continue to rise as labor supply and demand will remain unbalanced.  This trend will accelerate for all types of workers, especially the C-Suite.
  • ✔Employees at all levels will demand—and receive—greater flexibility for remote work.
  • ✔Companies that are viewed as “’destination employers” will have a distinct market advantage.  Those with weak employee value propositions will struggle.
  • ✔Star performers will continue to have the most career options, and will leverage their strong position more than ever in negotiations for new roles.

We will continue to share thought leadership and commentary from C-Suite and Board leaders through our Talent Pool Podcasts, articles and posts.  Our team stands ready to share our insights and support your executive talent needs in whatever form they may be.

Wishing you, our clients and friends, a safe, healthy and happy 2022!

Alan J. Kaplan

Founder & CEO