Predictive Index


We go far beyond traditional assessments and evaluations to deliver the right candidate. We believe in the power of the Predictive Index® (PI), a highly validated survey designed specifically for use in business. It reliably delivers an accurate fit-gap analysis to confirm that you are selecting the best candidate match for the role, environment, and company culture. The PI and the Performance Requirement Option™ Profile (PRO) work together to build the foundation for a stronger selection process. The PRO provides a client-driven road map for the role, offering insight into the behaviors and drives necessary for superior performance. Each candidate’s PI survey results can be compared with the needs of the position, highlighting both fits and gaps. At Kaplan Partners, all of our managing directors are Certified PI Analysts, ensuring we deliver the right strategic fit for every role.
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“My positive experience with Kaplan Partners as a CEO candidate, combined with their rigorous process, has led me to hire them for multiple senior executive searches. Their exceptionally talented consultants truly understand our culture, know our industry, and have delivered best-in-class bank executives time and time again.”

William H. W. Crawford, IV

CEO, United Bank & United Financial Bancorp, Inc.