Board Advisory

ENSURE THAT YOUR MOST Strategic Assets are in your boardroom.

As the financial industry continues to experience fundamental changes, the expectations for director performance have never been higher. For a board to be effective in today’s environment, its members need to represent a greater diversity of skills and experiences, especially in areas such as information technology, strategic planning, finance, risk, human resources, and branding. Organizations also expect their boards to represent a more diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives in order to optimize decision-making and enhance business results. To date, over 50% of Kaplan Partners’ board placements have been diverse talent. Our extensive work with boards as strategic talent advisors enables us to serve as a trusted partner who can objectively assess boardroom skills and guide discussions to ensure that the right leaders sit around the board table. Our Board Advisory Services include:
  • Helping Boards to better understand their collective range of skills, and determining what talents and experiences are needed to become a “strategic-asset” Board
  • Assistance with the process of Board succession, navigating the challenges and opportunities of board reFRESHMENT
  • Assessment of director performance and contributions on a truly objective basis
  • Facilitation of peer-to-peer director evaluations and confidential compilation of feedback and results
  • Advising the Board around the sensitive issues of CEO succession, along with the process and timeline related to attracting and assessing strong succession contenders
  • Conducting a Board search to recruit directors with targeted skills such as INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, finance or risk, who will complement the existing Board composition and mesh well with the boardroom culture
Meet Our Experts

“A periodic review of the board of directors is integral to an effective corporate governance process. Kaplan Partners handled our board self-evaluation process with professionalism, objectivity, and confidentiality. They worked with us to meet our specific needs, versus trying to fit us into a pre-established process. And, their valuable insights when interpreting the results helped guide our actions going forward.”

Mary Gross