A Tale of Two CEO Succession Plans

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Written by, Jack Milligan, Editor in Chief for Bank Director

In January 2014, the board of directors at Union Bankshares Corp. decided that it was time to begin considering a successor to President and Chief Executive Officer G. William “Billy” Beale, who at 65 was starting to think about his own retirement. This was a pivotal time for the now $8.1 billion asset bank, which is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The 2013 acquisition of Charlottesville, Virginia-based StellarOne Corp. had nearly doubled the company in size, and eight of the StellarOne directors joined the board of the merged company. The newly expanded board was firmly committed to a growth plan that would take it past $10 billion in assets, where several important regulatory requirements would kick in, so the new CEO would have to be capable of managing a larger bank in a more rigorous regulatory environment.

Managing an orderly and ultimately successful CEO succession process is one of the board’s biggest responsibilities, and can be a stressful situation under the best of circumstances. And, in this instance, the eight directors from StellarOne and 11 directors from the old Union would have to work together on a potentially sensitive issue, despite the fact that they were still getting to know each other. Beale says the board engaged a consultant to help it develop a consensus on the kind of individual it was looking for, and the directors ultimately agreed on a set of expectations for the new CEO’s work experience and competencies.

<To view the Article in its published format, click here   BD Tale of Two Succession Plans >