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Brand Advantage: Employer Branding Becomes Powerful Recruiting Tool

Brand Advantage:
Employer Branding Becomes Powerful Recruiting Tool

Evidence keeps piling up about the growing importance of employer branding in America.

An analysis by LinkedIn of priorities and practices among more than 3,000 talent-acquisition managers concluded that 83 percent believe employer branding has become a critical driver of their ability to hire top talent. Jobvite surveys have concluded that employers who engage in online employer branding fill open positions in less time and attract more talented applicants.

Yet the day-to-day challenges of running a company can make it difficult to execute this growing best practice in talent management.

Ben Goodman – founder of Ben Goodman Creative in Philadelphia – said he has seen practical challenges derail promising employer branding efforts in many companies. “The biggest surprise we find with a lot of clients is that some suggestions we are making – especially around brand and connecting the dots between leadership, culture, consumers and employees – are suggestions that were made internally years ago. But the branding campaign didn’t find a home within the company so it didn’t get implemented,” Goodman said.

The good news, he said, is that employers currently have access to abundant, low-cost opportunities to spread their employer brand, including the Internet, social media platforms and mobile devices. To use those tools successfully, however, employers need to engage in some critical thinking.

Question your message

Before launching new branding initiatives, employers need to critically re-evaluate corporate culture and talent needs, identify exactly who they need to reach with their branding efforts, and what message will capture the attention of those talented individuals.

Start with your website

Once you have formed a new employer brand message, start rolling it out through the most readily available tool—your company website. But stretch beyond the polished marketing language of recent decades and provide visitors to the site with genuine insights into your culture. Profiles of staff members, thought leadership pieces, and blog posts, videos or other content generated by employees can show your company’s knowledge, passion and eagerness to advance in your industry.

Limit your efforts

Although the opportunities to spread your employer brand are limitless, your company resources are not. Restrict your outreach efforts to tools that can deliver the most impact and that can be sustained by company staff. Convincing job seekers that your company is lively, engaged and accomplishing exciting things is tough to do with a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in weeks.